Flexible Visual Systems

Martin Lorenz


 Slanted Publishers, 2023. Softcover, 320 pp., 8.5 × 9.8 inches


Designed by Martin Lorenz and edited by Brian Boyer and Dash Marshall, Flexible Visual Systems is a design manual for contemporary visual identities.

This concise volume, divided into three parts, teaches a variety of step-by-step approaches to how to design flexible systems, adjustable to any aesthetic or project in need of an identifiable visual language. The first section is a richly illustrated theoretic introduction explaining the past, present and future of flexible systems. The second part is a hands-on, almost purely visual, description of how to design flexible systems on form, starting with a circle, triangle, square, pentagon and hexagon. The third part explains how transformation processes can become flexible systems for visual identities.

Learning how to design flexible systems is not just about learning another craft—it is an invitation to entirely change the way you think and work.