U-Joints: A Taxonomy of Connections

Andrea Caputo


SYNC-SYNC SRL Editions, 2022. Softcover, 943pp., 8.9 x 11 inches

U-Joints – A taxonomy of connections looks at human history through its details, and invites us to see design and architecture in new ways.

The result of a four-year long research project and exhibition series, this book is a collection of possibilities, of existing projects and potential new ideas.

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary, U-JOINTS is a collective project that brings together the voices and viewpoints of more than 120 authors. Together they “tell” design and architecture in the form of stories, essays, interviews, statements, visits to factories, reportage, facts and figures and, not least, a vast taxonomy of joints. Photo portfolios examine how joints are produced, illustrate their diverse uses, or simply show the inherent yet often overlooked beauty of connections in the man-made world.