Wormwood Star: The Magickal Life of Majorie Cameron

Spencer Kansa


Mandrake, 2010. Softcover, 332pp., 6 x 9 inches


In the first-ever biography written about her, Wormwood Star traces the extraordinary life of the enigmatic artist Marjorie Cameron, one of the most fascinating figures to emerge from the American Underground art world and film scene.

Cameron was an inspirational figure to the many artists and poets that congregated around Wallace Berman's Semina scene, and in 1957 Berman's show at the Ferus Gallery was shut down by LA's vice squad, due to the sexually charged nature of one of her drawings. Undaunted, she continued to carve a unique and brilliant path as an artist.

A retrospective of Cameron's work, entitled The Pearl of Reprisal, was held at LA's Barnsdall Art Park in 1989, and after her death, some of her most admired pieces were included in the Reflections of a New Aeon Exhibition at the Eleven Seven Gallery in Long Beach, California. Cameron's famous Peyote Vision drawing made its way into the Beat Culture and the New America retrospective held at the Whitney Museum in 1995. And in 2006, a profile of her work was featured in the critically lauded Semina Culture Exhibition. The following year an exhibition of her sketches and drawings was held at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery in New York.

With so much of her life and work shrouded in mystery, Wormwood Star sheds new light on this most remarkable artist and elusive occult icon.