Portrait of Arthur Rimbaud; Silkscreen on Rice Paper

Ira Cohen & Angus Maclise

(No listed publisher but assume it's Bardo Matrix from the description)
Ira Cohen, Angus Maclise [Bardo Matrix], Spirit Catcher Bookshop, Kathmandu, c. 1970s; Silkscreen on rice paper; 16 x 12 inches, 40.6 x 30.5 cm; Framed: This piece was acquired amongst a noted Bardo Matrix archive, and is attributed as such. The Bardo Matrix press was founded in Kathmandu in the early 1970s by original Velvet Underground drummer, artist, and poet Angus MacLise and poet, photographer, and publisher Ira Cohen. Along with issuing publications, posters, and broadsides by themselves and others, including Paul Bowles, Gregory Corso, Diane Di Prima, and Charles Henri Ford, they printed materials, such as this one, to be sold in The Spirit Catcher Bookshop, a gathering place for the hippie scene in Kathmandu. The thin rice paper remains incredibly well preserved, especially given its fragility, and exhibits a stunning woven texture. UV protected plexiglass with handsome maple framing, a very presentable piece with strong historical significance.