MONSTERS 300 & 914, 2016 - 2022

Nick Relph


Each set of prints features two individually numbered color Xeroxes on archival permanent record paper. ​Each print is 11 x 17 inches (27.9 x 43.1 cm)

Over the past six years, in what amounts to the creation of an unofficial and urgent index of displacement, Relph produced nearly 1000 images of quickly vanishing payphone enclosures in New York and Los Angeles. Using a hand-held library document scanner to record the telephone handset graphic, the images work to highlight the clear deviations in both the manufacturing process as well as in the surface interruptions and environs of the enclosures, e.g.: paper, stickers, markers, paint, rust, rainwater, reflective vinyl, screws, ketchup, plants, electrical cable​.​

Each work is unique and will not be printed again.​​