Louis Fratino

Louis Fratino


Magic Hour Press, 2024. Hardcover, 104pp., 10.5 x 14 inches

Since his critically acclaimed 2019 solo exhibition in New York, American painter Louis Fratino (born 1993) has been at the forefront of figurative painting’s international resurgence. This is the first major monograph for the artist, gathering more than 50 of his most important works to date. Although he has spoken of his admiration for modernist painters including Picasso and Marsden Hartley, Fratino's approach to the medium is highly personal, reconstructed from memories of his own fleeting perceptions. His figures radiate desire; whether poised in a moment of tranquility or entwined in a coital knot, he depicts them with a frankness that speaks to the intimacy of the artist’s tender gaze. For this publication, Fratino’s work is presented in a generously sized folio format inspired by 1930s avant-garde publications such as Minotaure and Verve, and its dust jacket features a new artwork by the artist. 

Edited by Jordan Weitzman 

Designed by Katy Nelson

With an introduction by Virginia Anderson (curator, Baltimore Museum of Art) and a conversation with Carroll Dunham