JB Blunk Edition 2

Mariah Nielson, Åbäke (eds.)


Blunk Books / Dent-De-Leone, Second Edition, 2020. 224pp., 8.5 x 10.5 inches


This is the first publication to explore the entire oeuvre of the great American sculptor JB Blunk, with previously unseen examples of his work in stone, clay, painting and jewelry. The design beautifully combines archival images of Blunk’s work in situ and at his home and his studio, with color plates of newly photographed pieces. In an essay, Lucy R. Lippard discusses Blunk’s reverence for ancient art and places, while Smithsonian Curator of Ceramics Louise Allison Cort details Blunk’s formative years in Japan. Glenn Adamson, Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art, contributes an essay that explores the essence of Blunk himself along with his artwork. Additional texts by Louise Allison Cort, Fariba Bogzaran, Isamu Noguchi, Alyssa Ballard, Rene Bustamante, Glenn Adamson, Rick Yoshimoto. Interview by Rita Lawrence.