Inland Empire

Melissa Anderson


Fireflies Press, 2021. Softcover, 128pp., 4 x 5 inches


‘Melissa Anderson’s wonderful, insightful writing changes not only how we see cinema, but feminism and politics in general. Her profound examination of actor Laura Dern’s astonishing presence in David Lynch’s late masterpiece is not only a brilliant evocation of how images work on the mind, but how powerful “acteurs” are in the creation of that waking dream also known as movies. What a marvellous book!’ 
Hilton Als

‘A whirling, digressive journey through time and place, cinema and storytelling, Anderson’s slim yet mighty volume is a transcendent work of queer, feminist film criticism, saturated in deep scholarship, affection and respect for Lynch and their shared muse, Laura Dern.’
Jenni Olson

‘Melissa Anderson is one of my favourite film critics of all time. In her bravura and compassionate account of Lynch’s (and Laura Dern’s) Inland Empire, Anderson gives a masterclass in how to elucidate star magic.’
Wayne Koestenbaum